Jesus Zulas 

WGYM Publicist / Spanish, English, Dutch




Joanna simpson

WGYM Publicist/ English, Polish, German

Joanna Simpson is dedicated mother of two, a friend, mentor and entrepreneur. Business owner with lots of experience in Marketing, Development, Technology, Investment, Process Management, Environmental Awareness, Commercial and Strategy. Born and raised in small town near Krakow/ Poland. Joanna speak three languages: Polish, German, and English. Former military spouse, she spent 3 years living in South Korea and 6 years in Germany. She earned her degree from Colorado Technical University focused in Business Administration and Management. In 2014 she pursed her dreams to open her own corporate. Her sophisticated style made her become jewelry designer for Swan Lamere LLC. In September 2017 she collaborate with famous, celebrity Designer Pol’ Atteu and Patrik Simpson.





Michael militch

WGYM Publicist/ German,English

Our International Publisher Michael Militsch is responsible for the German Market. His experience in the tourism branch is huge. In different leading positions like tour operators and travel agencies as well, Michael worked also in Canada, Caribbean, Norway and Spain. He has written several books and worked as a freelancer for big German magazines and newspapers. Acting, modeling are important skills, that sending Michael at the stages.


contact- mmilitsch@gmx.de

or wegotyoumedia@gmail.com