Young Master Wang and Authentic Shanghai Ying Wu Kungfu Academy

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Quality. Everyone and each of us is always willing to get quality, no matter if it is a product, or service; or education; or travel. We all are in search of something unique, authentic. As a Sinologist, I keep sharing with our readers and viewers about Authentic China, places not disclosed by tourists and for tourists; places where you can feel real authentic Chinese flavor. 

This story is about Teacher Wang, young martial arts (wushu) master, who opened his school in the heart of historical district of Shanghai. His Academy's name he has specifically chosen as Ying Wu Kungfu Academy, which means an Academy for real Wushu (martial arts) heroes. In his school Teacher Wang, being a disciple of Shaolin style, combined traditional wushu with its modern branches, but also education.

Martial arts in China (武术 wushu, or also known as 功夫kungfu in the west)were always taught together with traditional education (文). Real Martial Artists were not only strong mentally, spiritually and physically, but they were also educated. If a person was named Martial Artist - it was a name of honor and nobody risked to spoil this honorable name, hence everyone was working hard in order to be the best at his/her skills as Martial Artist and be highly educated.

Master Wang opened his school 10 years ago, in 2008. He went through many challenges himself. It was his vision and love of working with kids. His aim is to maintain and inherit Chinese Tradition, and Martial Arts as its important part, to future generations; popularize it and open many doors for his students.

Master Wang studied not only Shaolin Wushu. He is a very progressive young man. In order to be master he worked hard and studied other styles, history, philosophy. He even studied philosophy which offered Bruce Lee and found some useful details for himself. 

On the other hand, willing to promote wushu Master Wang also did many film and projects. However, as he shared, he isn't that much interested in filming. His love and passion are in his school. He did those projects to popularize wushu, show students and parents different possibilities they have in their lives and told everyone to believe in themselves.

You are welcome to watch our full interview and if it happens that you come to Shanghai, be sure to visit Shanghai Ying Wu Kungfu Guan.