Exclusive Interview and Success Story of Dr Marwan Chahayed

Dr Marwan Chahayed and Victor Migalchan

Dr Marwan Chahayed and Victor Migalchan

Willing to improve things and contribute to society I always look for successful people, however for us not only their success matter, but also their role in the community, the way they serve to others and what kind of energy they bring to this world.

It was a blessing when I was introduced Doctor Marwan Chahayed by a good friend of mine. Knowing my friend I was 99% sure that Dr Marwan is the hero of my next story, but I had to prove all 100%.  In order to meet Doctor in person, I went to his clinic, MLC Health Group Inc, located on 19231 Victory Blvd, suite 150 in Reseda.

When you enter the clinic, first thing what you feel is very good and balanced energy. First who you meet, when you enter is the staff. Everyone was not just nice to you and smiling, but right way you could feel that they care about you. They calm you down if you are worried, they constantly keep in touch with you and help the best they can for each patient.

When finally my turn came and I met Dr Marwan, it felt that he is the heart of this all positive energy, created in the clinic. The vibes were so pure and powerful. Being born and raised in a family of doctors I knew what is the ideal doctor. Because of industry changes a lot of qualities of doctors were changed, a lot of them turned into businessmen. And what I found unique about Dr Marwan is that he didn't change, he still represents this traditional doctor's image, he is the real doctor who follows the oath of the Hippocrates. Dr Marwan checks you carefully and never prescribes or advices you anything that you don't need. For instance, if you just need an assessment once a month he won't advice you to come more often, or if you don't need any - he tells you that right way. Being an athlete I was always in need of Chiropractors hence I could compare it to many doctors I went myself. 

Another great quality you can feel right way is the magical touch of Dr Marwan. First of all he touches the problematic area right way and by one or two light movements it is fixed. It is very important because each movement of our joint, forced by a doctor, is risky. And the lighter and the more professional it is - the better for the patient. Doctor Marwan checked my back and fixed all details I needed but kept silent about in order to find out more about him.

After everything was finished I kindly invited Dr Marwan for an interview, he kindly agreed and his story amazed me. The way he started as student, pursuing his dream to be doctor, serve people and bodybuilding career at the same time. It is extremely difficult. This is the best representation of discipline and goal orientation you could have. 

From my perspective, Dr Marwan's secrets of success were 5% - talent, 95% - hard work, wish to succeed and serve. It wasn't a selfish goal which works the best in the universe. Another unique feature is that Dr Marwan is a competitive bodybuilder, it means that he has in depth knowledge of human body, skeleton and muscles not only as doctor, but also from athletic perspective. A lot of doctors, in my case as well, are not athletes and cannot work properly with athletes, cannot advice much, except of having rest and not train hard again. In our case,  Dr Marwan went through training every inch of his body, each muscle and studied it from different points of view. 

Right now Dr Marwan is a Bodybuilding Champion, successful doctor and father, who has 2 charming kids and serves not only them, his patients but also serves community.

You are welcome to watch our exclusive interview, learn something new and I encourage you to follow doctor's model : study hard, work hard, train hard, be healthy and love what you do.