The Story of Success of Mr Ephraim Kreitenberg

Victor Migalchan and Ephraim Kreitenberg at a Red Carpet Ceremony in Hollywood

Victor Migalchan and Ephraim Kreitenberg at a Red Carpet Ceremony in Hollywood

Mr Ephraim Y Kreitenberg is one of the most successful businessmen in the United States. He owns Kreit Mechanical Associates, Inc. (Kreit), which is a boutique plumbing and piping contractor specializing in projects with extreme technical requirements, complex constructibility. They work with exclusive General Contractors, Developers, and Government entities. Their unique skill-set developed over the past 60 years separates us from the competition. Kreit does not execute contracts for purposes of volume. Each project is carefully selected and each builder is screened with the purpose of furthering our mission of performing and perfecting the most technically advanced piping systems. Through experience, knowledge, teamwork, dedication, and collaboration we continue to build and maintain our reputation of excellence.
What I also was able to learn from my research, is that the main feature which makes Kreit different from other competitors on the market is efficiency and common sense. It is a pretty rare combination nowadays in any industry.

In 2002, Ephraim Kreitenberg, became the RMO and 3rd generation General President of Kreit.  Mr Kreitenberg is responsible for managing all Estimating, Project Management, and Project Execution. He is a PIPE and various Cities certified Journeyman Plumber and Pipe-Fitter. He is proficient in multiple construction software solutions, BIM (3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D), Seismic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and a licensed C-36 contractor; with a proven track-record of successful estimating and completion on millions of square feet of commercial, industrial, and institutional projects as well as over ten-thousands dwelling units.

Kreit Mechanical Associates, Inc did numerous successful projects, such as: Police Administration Building - City of LA, Pauley Pavilion - UCLA, Central LA High School #1 - LAUSD, California Health Sciences - UCLA, Los Feliz Apartments - Glendale, Terresaki Life Sciences - UCLA, Kaiser Southbay Medical Center, Weyburn Terrace Apartments - UCLA, California Nanoscience Institue - UCLA, Metro Detention Center - City of LA, etc

Mr Kreitenberg kindly agreed to meet me for an interview. I didn't expect he would be very open with me, but what surprised me the most was: Mr Kreitenberg didn't choose a fancy office, or posh clothing style for our meeting. Moreover, during our conversation he shared his story, vision and taught me about being successful businessman. He said: " You don't need a fancy office, clothes, cars or other fake stuff to be successful. It is a waste of money and other resources... There are many other details you should focus on...". 

On the other hand, what is fascinating, is that Mr Kreitenberg is not just a very successful businessman, he also is a successful husband and father. He has a wonderful family, beautiful and wise wife, charming and very educated children. 

In our interview Mr Kreitenberg was very open with me, he shared his experiences, ideas, failures and successes. He was lucky to have his wise family members teaching him, may be sometimes rough lessons, but those lessons made him who he is today.

Mr Kreitenberg has a very tough schedule. He starts his day around 5 am in the morning, and finishes late at night. He also keeps himself in a good physical shape and takes care of his nutrition. Successful person, healthy body and sharp mind - all these characteristics are about Mr Ephreim.

Another unique thing for me about Mr Kreitenberg is that his thoughts are very straigh forward,  filled with indisputable logic and common sense. 

In our interview Mr Kreitenberg shared with us the way he came up with the idea of running his own business; he shared information about company types and structures, staff management, company culture, modern challenges in the industry and of course, traditionally: tips of success.

You are welcome to watch this unique interview, learn from Mr Ephraim and simply enjoy it.


For our viewers from China: you are able to watch our interviews on Youku

For our viewers from China: you are able to watch our interviews on Youku