Success Story and Exclusive interview with Don "The Dragon" Wilson

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Learning from successful people is one of the most precious gifts you can get from your destiny. I was lucky enough to get it. It was a very hot day in Los Angeles, when I finally met the legendary kick-boxer and movie star, Mr Don "The Dragon" Wilson.

Don "The Dragon" Wilson is an American 11-time professional kickboxing world champion who scored 47 knockouts in four decades, member of International Sports Hall of Fame, European Martial Arts Hall of Fame and an action film star. He has been called by the STAR System Ratings as "the greatest kick-boxer in American history. He has disposed of more quality competition than anyone we've ever ranked".

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First what you observe when you meet a person is how he or she walks and greets you. It was a very interesting feeling when I saw Mr Don parking and then walking towards me. Despite his extremely busy schedule and LA traffic, he was smiling. He was walking very light but firm. The energy coming from him was very positive and inspirational. He greeted and talked to me like we were old friends. All these tiny details show that he is not just a celebrity or professional athlete, but a real champion and real human inside. 

Don Wilson has kungfu (aka wushu, Chinese martial arts) background and he was the first to prove that kungfu practitioners are actually able to fight. After doing some researches I found out that Don Wilson was fairly notable thanks to his unique fighting style as used in the ring. He was ambidextrous, being able to switch stance on a whim and attack powerfully with either side, although he preferred to fight strong-side forward, which is a characteristic of some Chinese Martial arts. He identified himself as mainly a kicker, claiming that was his forte and the reason why he never seriously considered boxing.

He has a particularly devastating lead side kick, and was known to perform single-leg multiple kicks in rapid succession. Despite the notions concerning early kickboxers in American and full contact karate styles, Wilson was no stranger to low kicks and could both employ them or endure them with ease. Despite his focus on kicks, most of his K.O's came through his punching, and he was particularly good with his lead (right) hook punch.

Don Wilson, who got his name "The Dragon" for his unique style (he fought like the dragon), is not just a successful athlete, martial artist, movie star, but also a great father and husband, who does his best to educate and give best to his children and family.

Don "The Dragon" Wilson did numerous commercials and films worldwide. He is a very well known fighter and actor in Hong Kong and Mainland China, and is super popular in Europe.

Currently Don is working on some projects in the US, does appearances, runs seminars all around the world.

Don Wilson

In our interview he shared with us his feelings, worries, challenges, his story of success and much more...


Victor Migalchan and Don "The Dragon" Wilson

Victor Migalchan and Don "The Dragon" Wilson

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