Heroes from Heaven Movie based on Battleground Earth Story by Dr. Scott Glenn Screenplay by Claire Hutchinson



The religious faithful battle the 7 Continental Alliance, a group of leaders who have lost their morals, are worshipped as Gods, and perpetuate violence, death and destruction on earth.


Gen. Barzna, a vicious killer, is commissioned by MaTias—an evil and heartless 7 CA leader who intends to take over the world—to destroy the religious faithful. Gen. Barzna and his troops round up the faithful, the women, and anyone opposed to the 7 CA. Most are killed, but Gen. Barzna encounters resistance in UnderLand, where LacHain insists that the resisters not be killed and instead be sent to the Hatred Camp. This thwarts Gen. Barzna’s and MaTias’ bloodthirsty plans. Barzna holds a grudge against LacHain from then on. 
MaTias is given sinister powers by an ancient calendar he worships, and is convinced that the calendar wants him to use his powers to become sole ruler and kill the other six leaders. In order to retain their power, the other leaders insist on LacHain setting up a meeting with MaTias in order to kill him. Unbenownst to them, MaTias can read minds and knows what LacHain is planning. LacHain cannot kill MaTias, so MaTias puts him in the Hatred Camp and proceeds to take over UnderLand and the rest of the world. LacHain aids the faithful in the camp, and soon morale is so good. This makes Gen. Barzna become concerned that LacHain will plan a revolt. Barzna convinces MaTias to order the liquidation of the camp and to kill LacHain. Once LacHain and all of the faithful are dead, Barzna and MaTias believe they will have free reign over the earth. However, the Heroes from Heaven, biblical characters, arrive on earth, and the religious faithful are resurrected, including LacHain and two of the 7 CA leaders who had converted before they died. Together, they defeat MaTias and Barzna, and help to restore a destroyed world, but not before Barzna comes to a realization that he has been on the wrong side of history all along.