Celebration of the Chinese New Year Live from the Fengga Mountain.

Celebration of the Chinese New Year Live from the Fengga Mountain.



In order to open authentic Chinese culture to the Whole World, Hunan TV presents Live Celebration of the Chinese New Year from the Fengga Mountain. This program will be broadcasted during 5 days, starting from February 14 till February 18 at 18:30.



Fengga Mountain is located in Loudi Xinhua County Fengjia town. Fengga Mountain is a dialect name of Fengjia Mountain. Fengga Mountain belongs to the middle of Xuefeng Mountain Range. It is located at the junction of Longhui, Xupu and Xinhua counties with a forest coverage rate of over 80% , and also plantations of medicine herbs, Tea, mountain vegetables, etc.



The live broadcast of the main venue set in the Xiatua Village, Xinhua County which has 2500 years of history. Selected Chinese traditional village is located in the valley, Miao Yao features preserved, brook through, Taoyu set off, a group of paradise style, known as the “gu tao hua yuan”.



"Fengga Mountain Live" will lead the audience into the "Peach Blossom Spring" New Year celebration. In addition to the main feature of this live broadcast, there are also five sub-venues. Themes of the five-day live broadcast are "The Temptation of Home," "Reunion Taste," "Happy Singing," "Fist Opening a New Memorabilia," "Seeing New Changes," and will focus on displaying Xinhua Cuisine and Xinhua folk songs, Meishan martial arts -  major intangible cultural heritage items and some local customs activities. It is also worth mentioning that 12 foreign media friends from four countries will also join the local people on the scene at the scene.


    “News of the World” and their partners We Got you Media, represented by Victor Migalchan and Jane Sun, are the only one Western Media, invited to participate in this beautiful program, organized by Hunan TV.