Exclusive interview with MS Sarah Butler

sarah butler.jpg

Sarah Butler, bright representative of Hollywood A- listers with own modern vision on things, industry and education. It is always great to learn about successes of great accomplished people, but even more important is to learn about their philosophy, attitude towards life and other hobbies or activities they do. The more details we are able to discover, the bigger picture we see.

Meeting with Sarah and having our conversation was a unique experience. First of all, everything begins with the house, where she kindly invited us to. From the 1st moment I felt that it has perfectly balanced energy and Sarah kindly shared that they had a professional Feng Shui master coming and planning everything in their house. Then another thing, Sarah’s views regarding life style, sports, nutrition: keeping it reasonable and disciplined, with a necessary amount of challenging herself during workouts in order to develop; her own personal regime (which also means that she deeply analyzes what she is doing).

On another hand Sarah shared her love to gardening. “Having your own plants, taking care of them and harvesting them is one of the most important experiences you could have in life”,- said Sarah. Indeed, the more you are connected to nature, grow and consume own natural food, it makes you not only healthier physically, but also energetically. The more we are connected to nature, the better it influences our bodies and energy.

In our interview Sarah kindly opened her heart and shared her experiences: 1st stage performance; then the way she felt when she came to Los Angeles and started her life at the University, and many other details.

After learning all those details of each her step on the ladder of success and understanding the logic MS Sarah puts in it, I had many puzzles coming together in a beautiful picture. Of course one interview cannot discover everything, MS Sarah and her story is like a mysterious book with no last page, however I believe our interview will bring you more important information and motivation, what is much more important.