Night of Classical Music at Arcadia Performing Arts Center

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Last Saturday was very special not only for Arcadia, but for all Hollywood. It was a debut for Maestro Carlo Ponti in Arcadia Performing Arts Center and for Chanteurs, they performed classical repertoire in latin for the first time.

The Concert hall of the Arcadia Performing Arts Center was filled not only with guests, but with very positive energy. As the Executive Director of the Center MS Maki Hsieh shared, when she was on the stage she could not resist, but absorb that positive energy.

Dr Stephen Pu was very emotional, I am sure that his speech touched each one of the guests and made all of us love classical music even more and appreciate each chance given in our life.

Maestro Carlo Ponti was pretty short and modest on the stage. He shared all his feelings during the performance. However in our exclusive interview Masetro opened up and shared with us his thoughts, goals and mission. He is doing a very noble thing supporting education and in particular musical education, which he believes changes each one of us in a better way. Maestro Ponti was kind enough to work with each member of the Chanteurs in order to prepare for the concert.

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It was not only debut for Maestro Ponti in Arcadia Performing Arts Center. It was also a debut for Chanteurs. As the Executive Director Maki Hsieh shared with us, it was the first time for Chanteurs to sing classical repertoire in Latin. Each member of Chanteurs did brilliant job, there was no mistake, no wrong sound. Rania Ashour, Filbert Aung, Arianna Ayala, Brandon Baldwin, Lance Bataller, Madden Boseroy, Amy Brockman, Katherine Burog, Justing F. Canedo, Clarisse Cao, Christine Chua, Aaron M. Cruz, Kristen Duran, Melody Dwe, Alex Gomez, Calisto Guo, Kyle Hwang, Mikayla Hwee, Sydney La, Joel Lee. Bonnie Liang, Wilson Liu, Rachel Los, Mark Mata, Valerie Mendoza, Reign Morales, Eunice Pak, Kaitlyn Phung, Sam Porter, Jasmine Seiffert, Gwen Stevens, Jodie Tai, Cammie Wei, Celine Win, Nina Wu, William Zhen - athey all showed their dedication and professionalism, shared their love and passion.

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Another surprise of the concert was four magnificent Soloists. Elisabetta Russo, Erin Alford, Stephen Pu and Ray Buffer made all of us feel we are somewhere in 18th Century Austria on a concert of classical music. All of them have absolutely different background however there is one thing which united them and it is art and music.

Mikayla Hwee, one of the members of Chanteurs shared with us her experience and path she took during last 3 years at the chorus. Besides she also shared her views on life, career, goals, experiences and accomplishments she already has in her pocket. Her wish to all of us : “Look to the stars. There is huge world out there.” Her words were sincere, confident, kind and sincere. Let her words support as many young talents as possible.

For Our Chinese Viewers: you are welcome to watch us on Youku

For Our Chinese Viewers: you are welcome to watch us on Youku