Exclusive interview with Legendary Hollywood Actor Nicolas Coster

Nicolas Coster is British - American Actor, Emmy Winner and judge at the Foreign Language Film of the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences. He is known for his stage performances on Broadway in New York City, as well as numerous films and All the President’s Man, By Dawn’s Early Light, Sit Crazy, Big Business, The Big Fix, Betsy Wedding, McArthur and many other. He became famous worldwide after thanks to his leading role in soap opera “Santa Barbara”.

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In our exclusive interview Mr Nicolas shared with us his life story. He grew up when he was father was serving in British Military. When he got this idea to become an actor his father supported him. Mr Nicolas went to England and entered the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. “I had great time there”,- recalls Mr Coster with a smile. He met great people, great actors and teachers, who influenced his development and career. When he came back nobody wanted to work with him. Mr Nicolas had to get a regular job and pursue his acting career.

He made few films but then decided to go to military. He served in the Presidential Guard in Washington DC. Being closer to New York City, Mr Nicolas was a constant guest on theatrical plays. This is how he fell in love with stage performance and decided to become a stage actor.

After few attempts he started getting roles and did his job very well. He was involved in development of theaters in other cities and finally got to Broadway. After few successful shows he came back Los Angeles and decided to pursue his career as film actor.

After few films Mr Nicolas got role in soap opera “Santa Barbara”, which made him known worldwide. “We had great time”,-recalls Mr Nicolas. “We had wonderful crew, great writers, not each tv show or soap opera was that lucky to have good writers. We had the most beautiful actors.”

Besides being real professional , who never stopped working oh his craft (Mr Nicolas is still practicing at the Actors Studio), he also is a Scuba Diver and licensed scuba diving instructor. He is very active and athletic, always open and ready for new adventures.

Mr Nicolas shared that now he was invited to be award presenter at 14th China American Film Festival, held in Los Angeles. He is very happy about it and is amazed by the development of China film industry. He confessed that his favorite film is actually a very well known Chinese film…

You are welcome to watch our full interview and learn invaluable experience and advices of Mr Nicolas Coster:

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for our China Viewers: Please Watch us on Youku