Exclusive Interview with Daisy Lang


Learning from real and live successful people, champions of their life is the best and most wonderful gift you might dream of. This time I was lucky to meet MS Daisy Lang, World Boxing Champion, World Kickboxing Champion, Hollywood Actress and talk about details of her success story.

I was sure that receipt of success is never easy and I was amazed what challenges this fragile, charming and strong lady had to go through. I’m talking here not only about physical challenges. Of course, training hard, having a tough regime and living basically like a monk is very hard. Then after you get this title of Champion you have to protect it. It is another very difficult challenge. However there is another challenge we never think of. Psychologically top athletes face tremendous amount of pressure, brought them by fans (or haters), media, politicians.

Daisy Lang, being the only one lady from Bulgaria, with basically no support, went to Germany to pursue her dream to become world boxing champion.

She shared with us how difficult it was to not only become the champion and hold the title, but to face all the pressure she had from the outside world, being the pioneer of woman professional boxing.

“People only see shiny glamour covers of magazines, they don’t really realize how much hard work and pressure we face and go through”,- says Daisy.

MS Daisy also shared with us that right after our interview she is going to Europe to meet sports officials in Germany and also, which she was very excited about, she was invited to her home country Bulgaria to meet top officials.

“It is the first time in my life, that I’m invited by the President and Prime Minister of Bulgaria. I am very excited. I also will meet many young athletes and hold motivational and supportive events and speeches for them”.

Daisy Lang is a very active supporter of young amateur and professional boxers, both men and women. Every time she speaks about them her eyes, which always shine so brightly, start shining even more!

Also there is a news which made me very excited. Daisy is working on a book, where she will share her life story and many details and events which nobody knows. I was lucky to hear some of them and few of them reminded me of a detective/action/drama/thriller story.

You are welcome to view our exclusive interview, learn more for your own development and we look forward to our next interview with Ms Daisy.

For our viewers in China please check our interview on Youku

For our viewers in China please check our interview on Youku