TRAVELLERS Film Documentary


 Filmmaker and the Director of Himanti Productions Rahul Himanti Pandey talking about his latest project TRAVELLERS Film Documentary. Rahul Himanti Pandeyis working in the Bollywood Indian TV & Film Industry for 15 years I now make Documentaries,Travel Shows,TV Series and Films for TV Channels and online mass media.

My primary goal as a filmmaker is to turn the intangible into the tangible.I have always wanted to make something good for humanity, Love and Peace and now our team is in the process of making a Travel Documentary Film called “WE ARE TRAVELERS”. It will be a message to the world featuring funny, touching, heart-wrenching, inspirational and life-changing experiences in the form of a TV Series dedicated to Peace in the World."

he best stories for the movie are the lives of people and our inner world.

 Neha Pant, the Executive Producer of the show 'We are Travellers". 

I am a strong cheerleader of world peace & harmony, unity and love. I have more than a decade of experience with News Media, TV and Films and am also an actor. Previously, I was a journalist, working with leading news channels in India where I worked as a TV news anchor, correspondent, researcher and producer. My association with the show " We Are Travellers" is not just for professional reasons. I believe this is a much-needed message for the world: that we all are different but can co-exist easily and harmoniously. We need love, compassion and togetherness more than ever and a journey, no matter how hard, can become much simpler with open-mindedness, peace and love.

 Jovana Lakovic, a Visual Artist from Serbia, Belgrade. I graduated from the University of Arts, Faculty of Applied Arts in Serbia, Belgrade with an MA in Graphic Design and Visual Communication. I have a degree in Outside Project Certificate and attended the Center for International Studies of Art SACI, Florence, Italy. In the past 10 years I have committed my life to exploring new concepts in design as well as in visual communications. After many years of practice I started to move my boundaries into minimalistic style, because I believe that with less words and icons actually we say more. I have a lot of experience in conceptual art which begin in 2006 when I was part of  Outside Project -Multimedia Performance in collaboration with City of Florence/Council for Public Education, City of Belgrade/ Department for Culture, University of Arts in Belgrade, Florence Academy of Fine Arts and Florence Studio Art Centers International, Florence Academy of Fine Arts, Florence, Italy and  Cross – Art Multimedia Performance, B-link, The Belgrade Festival of New Communications, O3ONE Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia.  In 2006 I started connecting graphic design, conceptual art and visual communication into one.  My philosophy:

“Life is now and here, nothing is impossible, just grab your mind and do it “


Coming Up- 15th Annual Brain Mapping Foundation

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ADVENTURES IN CONSCOUSNESS with Galactic Orgasm Design
Aros Crystos is a vast spirit endowed with strength and wisdom to guide the heart and mind. Ocean advocate, author, award-winning vocalist, and award-winning fashion designer, known for his exciting visionary creativity and unique understanding of galactic energy. An inspiring public speaker and dolphin communicator, Aros is a multi-dimensional artist. His ongoing life work and teachings offer "the love and ecstasy of a truly evolved soul." 
Here are 8 empowering, multi-dimensional, galactic messages applied to Fashion Galactic Orgasm Design by Aros Crystos . Fascinating design lead the crew of Hollywood actors, directors and producers to a yacht trip and experience with Energy Guru Aros Crystos. 
These messages are galactic and dolphin frequencies transmitted through Aros as he reads empowering transmissions. 

 hollywood Crew Director Basil Moore with friend actress Mera Mayde , News Of The World and WGYM Producer Marina Kufa, Producer / Actor Alain Azoulay, Composer May Chang , Producer Gotti Cheng, art director Arthur DiCaprio and Friends

hollywood Crew Director Basil Moore with friend actress Mera Mayde , News Of The World and WGYM Producer Marina Kufa, Producer / Actor Alain Azoulay, Composer May Chang , Producer Gotti Cheng, art director Arthur DiCaprio and Friends

Remembering our starry nature, these messages support you to embrace the frequencies of unconditional love that quiet the mind. Listeners experience deep relaxation through the activation of the galactic self that transforms and elevates your ability to create your reality through your thoughts and feelings. 
Aros Crystos, has been on the spiritual path most of his life to awaken people to the understanding that we are all one divine consciousness. This Fashion was created to help people rediscover their true nature within themselves as divine multi-dimensional beings and freely share that joy. 
A truly multi-dimensional artist, Aros is a novelist, poet and blogger, an award-winning Eco-fashion designer and winner of the 2007 LA Music Awards for transformational sound. Recognized for his entirely unique vibrational energetic gift, his fascinating interviews and articles are available at www.galactichumandolphinconnection.comand #ArosCrystos #fashion #wegotyoumedia#newsoftheworld #bobdelgadillo #MarinaKufa #BasilMoore#AlainAzoulay #GalacticOrgasmDesign 
Galactic Orgasm Design Aros Crystos

 Hollywood Actor Alain Azoulay

Hollywood Actor Alain Azoulay

 Fashion designer Aros Crystos

Fashion designer Aros Crystos

Photography by Bob Delgadillo
Written by
Alex Lorre

Arso Ivanovich Solo Show

We Got You Media Team and the international host and producer of News Of The World Marina Kufa had the pleasure to perform interviews and total coverage of world known Arso Ivanovich who is the first in the world artist that discovered the Crystallization painting method and many other Laguna Beach artists displayed their paintings in Virga Art Gallery located in the Art City Laguna Beach on Saturday March the 17th. The guests and celebrities were welcomed by entrepreneurs Loren and Pamela Hoffman for a wine tasting of Boisset wine collection. Presented wine of this evening bottle of John Legend's wine collection LVE.
We Got You Media team along with international host Marina Kufa likes to send special thanks to TV Stars of "Gown and Out in Beverly Hills " FNL Network ,Beverly hills Celebrity fashion designer  Pol’ Atteu and Patrik Simpson, friends and personal designer and best friends together with Patric to the late Anna Nicole Smith, and guest starred in the Anna Nicole reality show. He created her spectacular gown for the VH1 “Big in 04” which landed her on Star Magazine’s Best Dressed list; and has appeared as a celebrity fashion designer on Dr. Phil. for their appearance with beautiful puppy Snow white,  and interviews. Event was sponsored by News Of The World , We Got You Media , Coldwell Banker -Avi  & Arna Chalid, Virga Gallery , Boisset Collection.

We Got You Media would like to thank sponsors - Swan Lamere Jewelry , Coldwell Banker, Boisset Collection , Virga Gallery 

by Aex Lorre

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We got You Media meets Melvin Jackson Jr one of the nicest guys at 218 All Star Game


Melvin Jackson Jr, one of the nicest guys. Melvin is an Actor, Comedian, Writer, Producer, Director and CEO of Urban Vision Entertainment. He started in the entertainment industry when he was 18 years old. He soon is going to direct his first feature film Sex, Lies and The things women go thru. Melvin is best known for his roles on the hit HBO Series 3rd season of The Wire as Bernard the cell phone guy and as the Bully on Award winning CW's "Everybody Hates Chris". Melvin who is originally from Washington, DC also lived in Islamabad, Pakistan for 4 ½ years and in Ankara Turkey for 4 years. Where he won two gold medals in track and field long distance running and a bronze medal in wrestling.
 He has not only made a name for himself in film and television but now he is making a name for himself on comedy stages all over. Melvin has starred in films like "Five K One" alongside Clifton Powell and co-starred in Disney's "Step Up" with Channing Tatum.

We Got You Media Live congratulates Melvin Jacksin Jr. for all of his achievements.

Best Regards..................................Alex Lorre

Celebration of the Chinese New Year Live from the Fengga Mountain.

Celebration of the Chinese New Year Live from the Fengga Mountain.


In order to open authentic Chinese culture to the Whole World, Hunan TV presents Live Celebration of the Chinese New Year from the Fengga Mountain. This program will be broadcasted during 5 days, starting from February 14 till February 18 at 18:30.



Fengga Mountain is located in Loudi Xinhua County Fengjia town. Fengga Mountain is a dialect name of Fengjia Mountain. Fengga Mountain belongs to the middle of Xuefeng Mountain Range. It is located at the junction of Longhui, Xupu and Xinhua counties with a forest coverage rate of over 80% , and also plantations of medicine herbs, Tea, mountain vegetables, etc.



The live broadcast of the main venue set in the Xiatua Village, Xinhua County which has 2500 years of history. Selected Chinese traditional village is located in the valley, Miao Yao features preserved, brook through, Taoyu set off, a group of paradise style, known as the “gu tao hua yuan”.



"Fengga Mountain Live" will lead the audience into the "Peach Blossom Spring" New Year celebration. In addition to the main feature of this live broadcast, there are also five sub-venues. Themes of the five-day live broadcast are "The Temptation of Home," "Reunion Taste," "Happy Singing," "Fist Opening a New Memorabilia," "Seeing New Changes," and will focus on displaying Xinhua Cuisine and Xinhua folk songs, Meishan martial arts -  major intangible cultural heritage items and some local customs activities. It is also worth mentioning that 12 foreign media friends from four countries will also join the local people on the scene at the scene.


    “News of the World” and their partners We Got you Media, represented by Victor Migalchan and Jane Sun, are the only one Western Media, invited to participate in this beautiful program, organized by Hunan TV.