Thousands of fans and high profile personalities will turn up to watch the charity boxing event in person, while it’s predicted that millions will watch from home.

Alongside KSI taking on Logan Paul, both of their just as successful younger brothers, Deji and Jake, will also do battle.

With the fight booked in for August, all four YouTubers took to the stage in Los Angeles on Saturday June 16th for a ‘press conference’.

Hosted by former heavyweight champion of the world, Shannon Briggs, the event quickly turned into little more than a shouting match as all four fighters resorted to verbal abuse.

After less than twenty minutes live and none of the questions answered, things got a little too physical after Logan Paul attempted to rip KSI’s bandana off him.

In response, KSI shoved Logan across the stage, and a posse of members from either side climbed onto the stage. The stream was then cut out.

KSI and Deji’s friend, Tom ‘Syndicate’ Cassell, was also in attendance to watch everything go down, and he explained exactly why the stream stopped.

As a successful YouTuber in his own right with over 12 million subscribers across both of his channels, Syndicate uploads daily videos of his life, and he captured the press conference from behind the scenes.

He explained that there was a number of objects thrown on stage during the press conference, which resulted in it being cut short.

“Kids were throwing like bottles of water, coins, some kid threw a rock. Don’t ever do that.”

You can view Syndicate’s behind the scenes footage in the video below, or skip to 12 minutes 30 where he discusses what happened with Sidemen member, Miniminter.


Exclusive interview with Legendary Film Director Mr Wang Weimin

 Mr Wang Wei Min (film director)

Mr Wang Wei Min (film director)

Today our guest is iconic figure in the filmmaking world, legendary film and tv film director, Mr Wang Weimin (王伟民先生). Together with such iconic names as Zhang Yimou, Chen Kaige, Ang Lee, John Woo his name is firmly embedded in the history of filmmaking of China, and after participating in numerous International Film events, his name, together with Steven Spielberg, his name embedded in the history of the world filmmaking.

 Wang Wei Min

Wang Wei Min

Early life:
After graduating from Shanghai Drama Institute, director Wang Weimin studied in the Soviet Union at the Leningrad Academy of Drama. Later he was transferred to the Moscow National Academy of Culture, and obtained bachelor's degree.
In 1995, Wang Weimin returned to China and got the chance to work with the famous film director Xia Gang. He had done scene recording, worked as director's assistant, and deputy director. After making his own independent films, he made some modern youth dramas.
Starting from the "Blue Contest" in 2000, Wang Weimin began to work on the creation of iconic projects, such as "Good Man Li Chenggong", "The Eyewitness", "The First Prison in the Far East", etc. 
In 2014 Wang Weimin directed the first urban-emotional TV series "Daddy's Love Life", it had rich audio-visual expressions and post-modern performance methods, which allowed this TV show to become the most popular TV drama in China. After his TV series were aired by CCTV, in 2016, he received very high ratings. 
In 2015, “My Golden Blood Dream” was broadcast. Wang Weimin’s realistic style anti-war masterpiece was praised as “the conscience of the industry”. “So many people promote historical studies, development and use a small person to reflect the great history of the War. 

 Wang Wei Min

Wang Wei Min

His major works are: "The Blue Contest", "The Good Man Li Chenggong", "The Eyewitness", "The First Prison in the Far East", "Jiangyin Fortress", "Study of Saving a Female Soldier", "Red Sword", "Dad's love life , "My armored Jagged dreams" , "Yihai Alliance", "Soma flowers " (主要作品包括:《蓝色较量》、《好人李成功》、《目击者》、《远东第一监狱》、《江阴要塞》、《拯救女兵司徒慧》、《红色利剑》、《囧爸的爱情生活》、《我的铁血金戈梦》、《彝海结盟》、《索玛花开》).

 Wang Wei Min

Wang Wei Min

In his works Mr Wang pursues the historical realism, and they have a very deep sense of humor. While shaping characters that the audience likes, they also pay attention to the richness and cultural heritage of the film.

During past decade Mr Wang Wei Min got multiple awards in China, as well as in the US. During last years his TV Films were extremely successful in China, getting highest ratings.


Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 12.06.20 PM.png


I knew that behind his eyes there is a unique Universe and a dramatic story. My intuition told me that a person cannot become successful film director without a super rich and at the same time dramatic background, and when Mr Wang Weimin agreed to meet for an interview I felt super lucky. I knew there will be another legendary story discovered, but I didn't expect it to be that deep.

We met in Beijing and at the first impression I got was not that I met a successful man from entertainment industry, but a wise and peaceful man, with deep inner world and vision. Despite the fact that Mr Wang is famous and successful he is very modest and down-to-earth.

Dialogue with him was like reading an Encyclopedia, book of wisdom and book of history at the same time.

You are welcome to watch and enjoy our interview:

Part 1:

Rare and exclusive interview with Mr Wang Wei Min, legendary Chinese Film and TV Film director, the icon of filmmaking in China and the whole world.

Mr Wang, first of all thank you for finding time to meet and record this interview, in order to share with our viewers your story, points of view and plans.

  • Hello everybody!
  • First of all I’d like to say that my main major is TV Film Director, I’m focused on filming TV Shows, TV Film. I grew up watching films of Steven Spielberg, and also learned from him. When I went to University, I watched and learned from his works, such as “Jaws”, “Jurassic Park”, … etc. I watched a lot of his films and many times, because I needed to learn. That is why I believe that our generation received a lot of American filmmaking influence. And not only in film, but in tv shows as well. American film tv shows, as well as European and Russian, all made influence. I personally studied in Russia. So what I’m trying to tell you is that we, our development, received a lot of influence from the World film industry. 30-40 years ago in China we had not many chances. Industry wasn’t regulated by market, it was government regulated. Director could film what government needed to be produced, or may be TV Station had a project of TV Series. As far as I remember, at that time we had 2-3 TV shows made per year, 1-2 films per year at a film factory. We had around 7-8 film factories in China. They were not like modern company, it was just like a small factory. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changchun - these big cities had a film factory. Each factory produced 1 film per year. That is why to be film director during those times was very difficult. How come they could trust you to make the film? It was very difficult. But if you made it, you had audience of one billion viewers or more, and you could become famous right way. We got acquainted with successful directors of those times and we had a strange feeling. There was nothing too special about them. How come he became so famous? Then we realized that it was a historical matter. May be he didn't make the film very well, but because he got this chance - the whole country knew him. This is not fair, you know, you had to work so hard. Now it is totally different. Now we have about 500 films made per year, I mean those films which were screened. We might have 500 or more which weren’t screened. Hence, we have around 1000 films made per year. Regarding tv series, we have around 20 000 episode produced per year, huge volume. The industry, including directors, editors, producers, actors - became like a pyramid. In the lower level a lot of people are making films. You have chance to get to another level if you make a very good product, only this way you survive. If you stay only on the bottom level, there are no much chances. Billions of RMB are wasted there. Chinese market is huge, a lot of financing is coming not only from the film industry. There are bankers or other business people, and they get interest in investing in a tv film or film. Chinese market is also growing, developing very fast. May be in few years or 10 years, it can be as stable as it is in America or the EU. As for example Hollywood, or New York. There are only these big and professional companies who compete in the market. In China things are still changing, but again the market is very active, what is very good. That’s why I believe we, directors of my generations, live in a very good era. It is also connected with Chinese economic development. People stabilized their lives, they live a good life. Now if we make a tv show or film, my salary, for example, is about the same as it is in Hollywood. Generally when they make a film or tv series, they can earn about few millions of dollars. Here we earn about the same. But I mean of course our earnings in Chinese currency. But I must say that you can make these money only when you achieve this certain high level. For example if I work on a tv series I can earn 2-3 millions of dollars. After you reach a certain level you can make it. If you are in the bottom level it is impossible. Just as it is in America, we are about the same. Majority of actors and directors, their lives aren’t rich. When you achieve high level, such as Steven Spielberg, then of course, your earnings can get close to numbers he makes. I also think we have many opportunities to partner up, this is a thing I’m happy about.  I visit America each year at least once, we go to Hollywood. Now we have a lot of mutual projects to develop. 
  • Mr Wang, you have just shared with us the history of development of the filmmaking industry of China. It is very interesting for us to know your story.  When you became interested in this sphere? What made you interested in filmmaking? 
  • In 1988 I entered Shanghai Drama Institute. I have been studying there for 2 years. At that time I liked drama a lot. Then there was a chance to go to Russia. At that time it was Soviet Union. It was a wonderful chance, also because the government paid for my studies. They offered me this opportunity and I accepted it. I came to USSR, started learning Russian language, and entered the St Petersburg (Leningrad at that time) University of Drama, Film and Music. I studied there 1 year and then, I went to Moscow Film University for a masterclass. It impressed me so much and I decided to move to Moscow for my studies. In Moscow I started my major in film. At that time, 80-90s, Soviet Union had a very good quality film education. I studied there for 4 years and then came back home. After I returned I decided to be film director. However, for a young person, there were no chances, because as I already told you, during those times we had only few films and tv series produced per year. At film factories there were many old film directors, waiting in line. For me, a young guy in his 20s, nobody would give this chance. Therefore I decided first to work at the TV Station, to make documentary films. I was still thinking what to do, because I wanted to make movies. I believe at that time one of the best directors was Mr Xia Gang, he was a very famous director. He liked me and my work a lot, He asked my story, I introduced myself, my background and he invited me to work with him. I came to his studio, started by working as Director’s Assistant. We made 3 films together. I did many different jobs, as well as Director’s Assistant, Vice - Director. When we were working on our 3d project, an investor approached me and asked if I wanted a chance to work on my own project as director. At that time market already opened and there was a need in young directors to film tv shows. So they approached me and asked if I wanted to be director on their project. I felt shy and said that director (Xia Gang) is here, I can’t decide without him. They talked to Xia Gang and he happily agreed. It was a 3 episode tv show. Xia Gang told me to take this project. I didn’t have much experience at that time and I don't think the project was filmed perfectly well. Nevertheless it was pretty successful for that time. Since that time I worked in this sphere around 15 - 16 years. 
  • Mr Wang, I noticed that stories of your projects are almost always tied with history, historical stories, and culture. Why did you choose this genre? Why, for example, didn’t you choose science fiction or futuristic films, such as James Cameron’s “Terminator”, when a person from future comes to the past…
  • I believe it’s because, when I was small, I got education in the USSR. Soviet war films made impact on me. For example, Bondarchuk his films. Yes, imagine, I met Bondarchuk alive. Later he passed away, unfortunately. Soviet culture and education influenced me a lot, made me interested in history and different historical events, wars, etc. Actually I was more interested in history since I was a little kid. In the beginning of my career I made some modern tv shows, for youth. Later I thought that it isn’t right, my direction isn’t right. The more I was watching, the less sense I found in these projects. Then I took a moment and thought about what I like the most. If you are a film director you have to first of all ask yourself what your favorite thing is, what things are touching for you. Then you can make a good quality film. I believe no matter if you are director, or you have different position at this project, it has to have some connection to your life. Directing should not be acting. For example, Steven Spielberg. First of all he is Jewish. That is why he could film so good his projects “Schindler's List”. He put a lot of himself, his heart in this film. I watched “Schindler's List” a lot of times. I’m sure that this film for sure has a lot of Spielberg’s feelings, his views in life and historical non fairness towards Jewish people, and German aggression towards Jewish. I believe that he could make this film so good because of these matters. The same is with me. I asked myself - what is the thing I love the most.  For China and Chinese people, their path was very difficult.  Starting from Qing Dynasty, we had a lot of bitter times. Today, me being Chinese, living in this era, I have a great feeling of happiness in my heart. Just try to compare, and only if you’ve learned history you can understand. For example, our modern life today. My year income is about 2-3 millions of dollars. From the point of view of American citizens, it’s nothing much. In the US many people can achieve this level. However for China it is different. I’m a regular person, I don’t rely on rich parents or something like that, only on myself. I am an ordinary person. May be from the film director’s level I’m reached a bit higher level, but still I am a regular person. I don't think I’m something amazing, and I don’t compare myself with big bosses. Nevertheless I have the feeling of happiness in my heart. Through hard work I could get a good house, good car. Each year I can travel to any place in the world. Or I can buy a vacation house in another country. In China, 30-40 years ago such things were not achievable and unbelievable. At that time my parents together only earner about 50 yuan. I was studying at the University at that time. If we look at even earlier times, when my father was young then it was much more difficult. It was the time of war. Guo Mingdan and Gong Chandan were fighting each other. Before that - Japanese invasion. Before that another war, before that - Qing Dynasty. In China each era had it’s difficulties. When it was the time of the Emperor, ordinary person’s life had no value. That’s why I believe that in China today, after 100 years of these hardships, our lives became much better.  People with good income, no matter where they go, to the USA or Japan, their income now is about the same. Now nobody can look at, lets say, Americans from below because they drive a car, or have a fridge. It was a long time ago. Now everyone is about the same. That is why history is very important. We came to this level today though a very hard path. Therefore I always continue studying history, and through history explain our modern life. If you don’t study history you can’t understand where you might appear and what direction to take. Life has limitations. I am 48 years old right now. May be I’ll work 18-20 more years, and then I won’t make any more films. This period is very short. That’s why, as director, I believe that I must have social responsibility and I’m sure American directors are the same. Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks - they have a huge social responsibility. Their ways or interpretation might be slightly different but still, they have this responsibility. This is the most important matter why my films are all based on history. 
  • I understand now. This your story and understanding are very touching. 
  • Yes, absolutely. If you are director, your story has to be touching and touch yourself first of all. I saw many directors, not good directors, they are acting as they were touched by the story.

Part 2:

Rare and exclusive interview with Mr Wang Wei Min, legendary Chinese Film and TV Film director, the icon of filmmaking in China and the whole world.
  • If I’m not mistaken, you started filming TV series and films in 1999. Which your projects you consider to be the most successful?
  • Correct. Projects which were made during last 3 years I believe are the most successful. During last 3 years I made mostly TV films, for example “My 1997”. It was dedicated to return of Hong Kong in 1997. Also last year we made “Suo ma huokai”. This year “Yi Hai Jie Meng”. It got the highest award in China “Fei Tian Jiang”, it is like Oscar for TV Film in the US. For me right now, my experience and finance reached already certain level, that is why it is my duty to make each episode the best I can. That is why I believe all projects, which I made during last 3 years were pretty successful. Of course I don't stop and plan to have more successful projects in future. I have to get even more experience and for example, in order to get more funds, you have to investigate the market much better and deeper. In China, film directors do these kind of market investigations. For example with which TV channel to partner up, or which city or region to pick as the target audience. In the US producers are doing this, in China it is done mostly by film directors. For example when investors come, they might not be professionals from this sphere and they won’t do distribution, that is why we, directors, do this work. This investigation is pretty important. For example, if you partner up with this TV Station, you can earn only 5 million, or 10 million. Not more. Hence if even you film it better and invest more, you wont earn more than that amount. That is why we study the market precisely. Now I my experience in understanding the market, working with funds, doing projects, looking for actors is already pretty mature. Normally it won’t let me go along the wrong path. I understood that being a film director is a very responsible thing. Just like in the US, lets take Steven Spielberg for example, he has a very sensitive feeling regarding market and it’s preferences. He isn’t only good as director, but he is also good in business. There might be a young director, who can work not worse than Steven Spielberg, however his knowledge about market, audience, working with big movie stars are definitely non comparable. That is why when you are a successful director, a mature director, you have everything in one system. 
  • Thank you. Mr Wang, if we talk about your films from the point of view of it’s story. Story wise, which from your projects, are your favorite and most successful. 
  • Story wise, I believe it is the “My 1997” project. We also participated in the American - Chinese Film Festival. It is a tv show, which tells us about the history of the period from 1997 till 2017. Before Hong Kong returned to China, people were moving there mostly illegally, trying to build their lives and starting from the lowest and hardest types of jobs. He didn’t have good place to sleep and to eat. He went through all these hardships he became successful. His girlfriend was on the Mainland China, how she went to be together with him. I really like that story because it has the history, but also has people’s destiny in it. It adds a lot of warmth to the story. There are a lot of things which happen to us in real life. “My 1997” is a pretty short tv show, it has 30 episodes. We made it very fast. The script was finished in 2 months, we filmed it during 3 months and that was it. And because it had this warmth in it, this project went very smooth and fast. I love it a lot, yeah. 
  • Mr Wang, you studied at Shanghai Drama Institute, then you went to St Petersburg and Moscow Universities. I’m sure you also know are aware of the filming education in the US. What is the difference? Which school is the most useful nowadays?
  • They all are different. At those times Soviet school was similar to Chinese, their acting school was based on Stanislavsky method, director and producer majors were similar to ours. Both USSR and China were similar in their structure. USSR also wasn’t market oriented country, it was regulated by the government, similar to China. USSR made huge impact on me, because of their linguistics and literature, culture, acting school. Pushkin and Chekhov, all their poets and writers, Soviet culture was very “thick” and large. These cultural details made huge impact on the film development in USSR, and they influenced me a lot. After I returned home, I also learned a lot from American filmmaking, the Hollywood style, which is based on market demand. In USSR, if you make a film, you didn’t have to worry about the market, you just had to make it and that was it. Government took care of everything else. In China, after our country opened up, our market became just like american. 
  • Let’c compare Chinese and Hollywood markets. What is the same? What is different? What are their directions of development?
  • Chinese market is still in the development process. Each year it grows, amount of cinemas grows up. The volume of films needed is also growing. American market is already stabilized. They have this stable amount of cinemas. For example, in North America they have 2000 screens, 2000 cinemas. TV stations are the once we know: HBO, CBS, etc. They are making tv shows. China is still changing all the time, and I believe will continue developing during 5-6 more years. In the USA the space for development is very small. This I believe is the biggest difference. This situation might have different reasons, for example the bigger development is, the more funds it requires. In Chine we now need more international exchange, for example American director comes to China, or American stars come to China and vice versa Chinese directors and actors go to the US. Chances for such exchange are much more now. For my next tv show I’ll need 10 or more American actors, and I don't mean small actors, I mean big names, famous film or tv stars. There is going to be a lot of such exchange. 
  • From your Master’s point of view, how can a young person become a successful director? What king of background and qualifications this person needs to have?
  • In America many young people know this famous phrase of Steven Spielberg: “ You want to be director? Okay, get a camera, start rolling and you are director”. We all learned this phrase. To become a film director isn’t difficult, however to become a successful director, thats another story. Now you can take your phone and start recording, or a camera. It’s not difficult to be director, you just have to tell your story. However if you wan’t to become a good director, just as I already expressed today, you have to have a certain warmth, your films have to have warmth in them. The difficult part is how to transfer this your warmth into the film. You have to study a lot, read a lot, experience life and learn from society. Only then you could find what is the thing you love the most. Now for American or Chinese youth, the way to become director is about the same: they have to get education, watch films. This is the easiest. But then they have to get life experience, learn from society. What I mean by this. Go to McDonalds, for example, get a job for 6 or 8 dollars per hour. While you work at McDonalds you meet a lot of different people, they all have their special stories and characteristics. You start getting life experience. This is the most precious for film director. This is how your film becomes a part of your life. Everyone would like a very interesting, not regular person. Nobody likes regular stories, such as : he was born, went to school, then to university, then started working. Is it interesting? No it’s not. Interesting are personalities with unique background and experience. For example: he was born here, then his family faced lots of turmoil, then he started studying, went to Europe, then went to USSR to study, met KGB agent, became KGB agent and pilot, then moved to America and whats next? This is an interesting story. It is just an example. Don’t be afraid of difficulties. Don’t be afraid of low level jobs. In Europe I met very interesting young people. They were working at a pub for minimum wage, and in the evening they were working as actors, were making films. I asked them about this life style, if they thought it was very difficult and they told me they loved it, they find it very interesting. I think their way of thinking is amazing. To become director is different from becoming actor. To become director you for sure need to experience life. If nobody is inviting you to make films then write scripts, just like in America. When it is ready try to sell it and negotiate that you want to be director of this story. In America 99% of directors came this way, in China it is the same now. Just as Steven Spielberg. He graduated from school and nobody invited him, hence he started writing scripts and went to take part in competitions. Now all film schools, New York Film Academy, UCLA, Beijing Film Academy, Moscow Academy - they all are the same. All graduates are the same. The path is the same: hard work, write scripts, sell them, look for investor and make your film. You’d need 10-15 years for making it. Hence, first advice is don't be afraid of hardships, and second is - don't be afraid to experience the lowest level of life. Nobody can become a successful director right way, with a good house and car. For sure you need to face difficulties and hardships. Just like me, when I graduated from the school and came back, I was riding a bike everyday, lived in a small room in the basement, with no restroom. My parents also lived in Beijing but they didn’t really care. I was writing scripts every day. I had no AC, it was super hot in summer, I was working hard every day writing those scripts, my body was covered with sweat. When I received a call from investor I took my script and went to the meeting. I had to also be dressed nicely, despite it was extremely hot in the room. I spent many years living like that. I was borrowing some money, because I might not make it through next week. You don’t have to say no to such life. Even now I’m happy had this experience. If a young guy graduates from school, his family arranges him to work as director and they invest in the project I don't believe that he will be able to make a good film. He didn’t experience society and life, you are not familiar with realities of life. You didn’t develop love towards the world. How you can become a good director? I believe for director number one important thing is to face difficulties. The second would be focus on the goal to become director. He has to have a lot of things, thoughts, feelings, love to share with the whole world. One day’s hardships will become your wealth one day. Many young people give up, get a regular job in the office and thats it. They can get a good life much faster. They can’t stand hardships, can’t walk through. They think : oh, I have to get a job, then in the evening write scripts, then to find an investor…then 20 times fail, 30 times fail, may be 100 times fail. But I believe that may be 101 trial will be successful. American Hollywood young people are going through these challenges. So for young people, they have to love what they do, to have passion. They have to ask themselves if they really love filmmaking. And if the answer is yes, then they have to get ready. They have to give themselves time to go through hardships, work hard 3-5 years, they have to write scripts. May be they need 10 years of preparations and only then they can become directors. Passion and bear hardships are most important conditions to become a good director. Please don’t see me as I am today. I can bear hardships. I can cook very well, I can wash clothes do different kind of work. If you leave me in an unknown place I can make it. This is very important. 
  • Many Hollywood stars, like Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Spielberg and others - they do motivational speeches and share their tips of success. Could you please today share with us you 3 most important tips of success. 
  • As I just mentioned: passions, bear hardships, write scripts. Don't be afraid. For example, I wrote this much of scripts, if to count in Chinese Characters, I wrote 10000000 characters, and everything went to the garbage. But still after that I made it to success. In our Chinese film industry, myself as film director, I can write a very good script and I can film it. So I can make money of 2 different positions. I don’t mean I do it for making these money. When nobody invited me to be director I could only write scripts. When writing becomes very good, you are almost ready to become a director. I started from writing, this is my way. May be not everyone’s writing skill is good, but still you have to write. This work has the lowest cost of production. I remember one American write said: If my house is on fire I only need to save my pencil and paper, so I could continue writing. No matter what, keep writing every day. I saw many people who gave up after 2-3 years. Because it is much easier to not write. It is easier to get an office job. Life becomes better much faster. But they gave up the most important. May be they needed one more year for success. Hence, my 3 tips are: passion, bear hardships, write. 
  • Thank you and we also invite you to Los Angeles, where we could meet and record our second interview. 
  • Okay thank you!
  • Today our guest was one of the most well known and successful film directors in China and please stay tuned, because Mr Wang is coming to LA with his next project and he will hold auditions, he will be looking for actors in Los Angeles and Europe. Don't miss this change and stay tuned.
 Mr Wang Weimin and Victor Migalchan

Mr Wang Weimin and Victor Migalchan





Interviewed and translated by

Victor Migalchan, Los Angeles 2018 (c)


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In 2017 he became the lead in the television series S.W.A.T. For his roles Moore won eight Image Awards for his roles on The Young and the Restless and Criminal Minds, and the 2000 Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his role on The Young and the Restless. He was also nominated for a People's Choice Award for his role on Criminal Minds. 

King Obba Babatundé is an American stage and movie actor. A native of Queens, New York, Babatundé has appeared in more than seventeen stage productions, thirty theatrical films, sixty made for television movies, and two prime-time series. 

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采访世界冠军,太极公主,专业太极拳大师和医生刘一丁老师 (Interview with Master Liu Yiding, World & National Champion, Tai Ji Master and Doctor)

今天我们的客人是中国国家冠军,世界冠军,太极大师, 太极公主,刘一丁老师。 刘老师不仅是太极拳大师,专业运动员和教练,她还是上海中医药大学毕业的专业的医生(专攻针灸推拿,中药),在日本大阪经营健康中心,并在日本推广武术。








- 我的武术道路是自然而然的,在我5岁左右我就已经和武术馆的哥哥姐姐们开始一起训练,对于我来说那时候应该是玩吧,最开始主要是练的散打(散手)5岁开始练习竞技武术(套路)。我的教练比较多,因为父亲的关系,我每年寒假和暑假都去全国各地的省队训练,重庆队,云南队,北京队,福建队是我经常去的地方。在我的心里,激发我的武术生涯,对我来说是武术英雄的只有我的父亲,当然李连杰的老师吴彬,我一直称吴爸爸,上海的王培琨是我的王爸爸,以前上海队总教练张福云是我张爸爸,他们都是很好的老师,对我在武术方面的影响也很大。

- 您的专业是太极拳。您是如何选择太极的?除了太极,您练习了其他拳吗?



- 我的专业刚开始不是太极拳,我8岁开始习武,刚开始都是练长拳类的基本功,后来长拳,南拳都有练,在我8岁左右吧,因为没有小朋友练太极拳,我父亲就让我练太极拳,为了参加四川省武术比赛,从那以后,太极拳就是我的参赛项目之一了,我们专业队的队员,一个人必须要有六个项目(拳类,短器械、长器械、传统器械、传统拳、对练)才能去拿全能争霸,小时候练过棍,刀,但是老师觉得不太适合我,所以我又改成剑,枪,太极拳,长穗剑,八卦掌,对练,是我从8岁开始一直练的项目












- 作为武术老师,您生活目标是什么?

- 做为武术老师,我在日本主要教太极拳,我希望大家能看到正宗的太极拳,因为太极拳实在流派太多,要去了解所有的太极拳流派实在是很难的一件事,所以我能传达的也只是中国国家规定的套路和流派,中国其他地方性的各种流派,还需要更多流派的老师去宣传和传承


-西方的武术世界是混乱的。有很多人声称自己知道很多,或者声称自己是大师,或者是大师的儿子等等。您如何建议寻找一个好的老师? 一个好的老师必须具备哪些素质和资格?                                                                         -其实不只是在西方国家,在任何一个国家,包括中国,很多人都喜欢说认识谁,或者自己是什么拳的第几代传人,这些说法,我不去否认它,因为中国有句老话:半罐水响叮当。又或者也许他真的就是第几代传人,可是不管是不是传人,或者认识谁和谁,我觉得都不重要,重要的是这个人是不是一个心胸开阔的人,是不是传达了太极拳的精髓和理论,练习太极拳的人,也许每个人的理解和看法都不同,只要是一个品行好的老师就好,我一直都不会说自己是太极拳大师,因为我不是,我只是教太极拳的老师而已,因为我觉得我永远都不可能成为太极拳大师。

-许多著名的武术场所成为中国的旅游景点,如陈村,少林等。我们还可以在那里学习纯正的武术,就像很久以前一样?您作为专业的太极拳大师,能否告知我们在学太极拳时应该知道哪些名字,哪些地方去学好太极拳。 我们仍然可以找到优质和原创的太极,而不仅仅是旅游景点。                                                                                        -- 我对太极拳的理解和掌握还不深,在我看来,少林寺,武当山,峨眉派,陈家沟,都有一定程度的影响,没有不好,也没有最好,就像太极,无极胜有极,任何东西说过了都不一定好。王培琨是中国国家武术9段,高佳敏老师是专业队出来的,练习太极拳的时间比我多,看的书也应该比我多,对太极拳的理解也应该比我更多,我们这种专业队出来的人,中国有句话叫:我们是练童子功出来的,意思就是很小的时候就经过专业老师的培训,一直走的都是专业的道路。在中国分:国家的和民间的两种,我们叫他们民间团体,民间太极拳等等。不过在民间也有一些老师对太极拳的理解很深的

  吴彬老师, 刘一丁老师, 王培琨老师


- 现在谁是中国乃至世界最着名和最受尊敬的太极大师?                                                                            - 太极拳大师,我估计李连杰的老师吴彬,还有上海的王培琨都不会说自己是太极拳大师,只会说我们是传播武术,普及武术的老师,只有民间的一些太极拳老师会自称自己是大师,受人尊敬和敬仰是别人说的,不是自己说出来的规定太极拳类,吴彬老师,李德印老师很好,现在不到60岁的老师们都很尊敬他们两,然后现在比较年轻的就是高佳敏老师,传统太极拳类就太多了,大家都称自己很好

-谢谢您刘老师。感谢您与我们分享您的想法和故事。这是非常鼓舞人心的。 我期待着我们的新闻采访。 祝您在工作中一切顺利,并准备参加比赛。
-谢谢您Victor邀请我。 也感谢您的祝福。我很乐意与更多的人分享我的想法和故事,并希望激励他们学习武术。



(interview by Victor Migalchan/Victor Migalchan的采访)

Los Angeles 2018 /洛杉矶2018年



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Интервью с Голивудским Актером и Профессиональным Бодибилдером - Роландом Кикинджером.

роланд 22.jpeg

Сегодня наш гость - чемпион мира по бодибилдингу, Мистер Вселенная, IFBB Pro и голливудский актер, г-н Роланд Кикинджер.

- Здравствуйте, мистер Роланд! Благодарю, что приняли мое приглашение и согласились на интервью.

- Здравствуйте Виктор! Благодарю, что пригласили меня, и я буду более чем счастлив поделиться своей историей, опытом и помочь мотивировать все больше и больше людей.

- Благодарю, мистер Роланд. Я прочитал почти все статьи о вас, которые доступны в интернете и просмотрели все видео, которые я смог найти онлайн. Прежде всего я очень горжусь знакомством с Вами, с другой стороны, я почувствовал, что чего-то не хватает! Я почувствовал, что то, что мы можем найти в Интернете или в средствах массовой информации, - это всего лишь вершина айсберга, которую можно увидеть над водой. И когда я увидел ваше короткое видео, снятое в Гранд-Каньоне, я понял, что мое 6-е чувство меня не подвело. Мистер Роланд, поговорим сегодня о ваших ранних началах, я имею в виду вашу жизнь в Австрии, прежде чем приехать в США. Не могли бы вы рассказать нам, как и когда вы заинтересовались бодибилдингом и почему именно в бодибилдингом? В Европе так много вариантов: футбол, волейбол, борьба, другие олимпийские виды спорта, боевые искусства и т.д.?

- Я начал интересоваться культурой тела с очень раннего возраста, с 6 лет. Родом я из Вены, Австрия. В Вене у нас есть много греческих статуй, которыми я восхищался с детства. Работа Микеланджело еще в эпоху Возрождения, как он тщательно вылепил каждый мускул и как мускулисты его скульптуры. Я всегда думал, что человек, должен быть мускулистым и сильным. Я хотел стать скульптором своего тела, это было моей главной целью. В Австрии существуют много видов спорта. Я был лыжником, футболистом и всегда любил снег. Но силовые тренировки - это совершенно другое дело: мгновенное удовлетворение и способность не зависеть от других членов команды, которые не всегда отдавались делу на все 100%, сделало это моим избранным видом спорта.

- Благодарю, мистер Роланд. То есть, на самом деле вы хотели стать австрийским Аполлоном, или Геркулесом, или Зевсом, своего рода «греческим богом из Вены». Это действительно вдохновляет.

Я понимаю вашу точку зрения касательно зависимости от других членов команды. Недавно я читал интервью Дориана Ятса и других всемирно известных спортсменов. Все они отметили, что важно иметь партнера по обучению. Нужен ли был Вам тренер или тренировочный партнер в силовых тренировках? Если да, зависели ли Вы от них?

- Дориан был великим чемпионом, который установил новый стандарт в развитии спины. Что касается партнеров по обучению, то это как отношения. Правильный человек будет полезен, в противном случае - ничего хорошего не получится.

- Г-н Роланд, как Ваш выбор повлиял на Ваше общее развитие как на человека: личность, образование и т. Д.

- Я считаю, что культуристы являются необычными, исключительными людьми, которые довольно глубоко образованы в питании и обладают бесконечной силой воли и решительностью. Если эту силу воли переместится в другие области, можно добиться успеха в том, что они выберут.

- Многие известные спортсмены и чемпионы, как и Вы, выступают с мотивационными речами, рассказывают истории успеха.Какова Ваша история / правила успеха? И самое главное могли бы Вы рассказать нам историю "за кулисами"? Это то, чем практически никто с людьми не делится: какие у Вас были сложности? Что беспокоило Вас? Было ли у Вас было это чувство, которое не позволяло вам спать и иногда даже угнетало? Какой была Ваша внутренняя борьба?

- Отличный вопрос! Мне всегда нравится высказывание: "вы являетесь средним среди своих лучших 5 друзей!" Моя тайна заключается в том, чтобы купить билет в один конец и использовать свое воображение. Неважно, сколько времени нужно для достижения целей, главное - вы остаетесь на курсе! Мне повезло с моими проводниками в мире бодибилдинга! Мне очень повезло, что я мог работать с Джо Вейдером, первопроходцем фитнеса и бодибилдинга, который направлял мое развитие в правильном направлении и развивал промоушен фитнеса и преимуществах силовой тренировки. Моя внутренняя борьба всегда заключалась в том, чтобы продолжать выступать на соревнованиях и становиться лучше каждый год в качестве спортсмена или войти в Голливудскую индустрию и развиваться в индустрии кино. Я выбрал кино и телевизионный бизнес, потому что я мог бы достичь гораздо большей аудитории, и Джо с радостью поддержал меня.

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 7.44.50 PM.png
роланд халк.jpg

- Благодарю, что поделились своей историей, мистер Роланд. Это звучит сложно, но по своему романтично. Однако давайте поговорим о темной стороне Луны: каков был Ваш страх, переживания прежде чем Вы переехали в Штаты? Было ли что-то, что беспокоило Вас внутри, пока вы все еще были в Австрии, тренировались и готовились купить билет в одну сторону?

- Мне в радость, Виктор! Что касается волнений, да, конечно, всегда существует волнение и страх перед неизвестным. Не зная языка, не имея необходимых документов для работы, не зная никого, как я могу выжить? Где я могу найти кухню для приготовления пищи? Все в Австрии говорили, что я вернусь в течение 3 месяцев. Будут ли они правы, как только я использую свои сбережения? И я уверен, что Ваша ситуация, Виктор, в начале была похожа на мою, не так ли?

- Да, мистер Роланд, Вы абсолютно правы, история моих начинаний очень похожа на Вашу. Я считаю, что люди с «американской мечтой» в сердцах часто имеют много общего.

И, с кухней или нет, вы не просто добились своего, вы добились высот и покорили Голивуд!

Мистер Роланд, каким был момент, в который Вы приняли решение переехать в США? Что Вы почувствовали? Какова была реакция вашего окружения?

- Я помню, когда я купил билет в одну сторону, это было похоже на то, что я дал жизнь своей мечте. Это было 1 января, когда зашел в самолет и чувство полной свободы охватило меня. Сначала было тяжело для моей семьи и друзей, но я жил так, как я всегда хотели. Я знал, что это произойдет. У меня было $500 и 2 чемодана, полных мечтаний в новом месте под названием Санта-Моника...

- О да! Какое замечательное чувство! Г-н Роланд, каково было Ваше видение, когда Вы начали свой путь и до тех пор, пока не переехали в США: какими были Ваши идеи, мысли, страхи? Как вы себя чувствовали, когда зашли на самолет. Как вы себя чувствовали, когда вы приземлились в США?

- Мое видение будущего в Америке до того, как я покинул Австрию, заключалось в том, что я хотел добиться настолько много в бодибилдинге, на сколько это было возможно, а затем в конечном итоге сниматься в фильмах, рекламах и на телевидении. Чем ближе я был к Лос Анжелесу, тем сильнее ставало это видение. Оставляя все позади семью, друзей, работу, сбережения, это была проблема, потому что человеческая природа - это определенная привязанность. Когда я принял решение и знал, что не вернусь домой - я был на 100% ответственен за свои действия, и не ожидал, что кто-нибудь спасет меня. Это было чрезвычайно захватывающе и сложно. Когда я впервые увидел пляж Венис (Venice Beach), радость переполнила меня. Первый большой шаг был сделан. Джо Голд, бывший культурист, и обладатель зала Worlds Gym, который был всего в блоке от спортзала Golds Gym. Джо открыл для меня свои двери, помогал мне тренироваться и некоторое время разрешил оставаться в спортзале. Я видел большинство спортсменов, которые публиковались в Muscle and Fitness. Я помню, как все поддерживали друг друга. Все ведь приехали из разных точек Земли.

- Благодарю, господин Роланд, и последний вопрос:

Расскажите, пожалуйста, как вы начали тренировки? С чего вы начали? Как и у кого Вы учились? Какова ваша история тренировок перед приездом в США?

Не могли бы вы рассказать о своем питании, обучении, образе жизни прибывая еще в Австрии.

роланд 20.jpg

- Был такой небольшое спортзал под названием «Тренажерный зал Альфи»(Alfi's Gym), где я начал свой путь. Поскольку спортзал был по пути домой, я проходил мимо довольно часто. Прямо напротив тренажерного зала Альфи был очень популярный бар, где ребята напивались. По иронии судьбы, я выбрал посещение спортзала, и хозяин Альфред поприветствовал меня. Он спросил меня, хочу ли я стать пьяницей (как ребята напротив) или крепким и здоровым. Когда мне было 15 лет, мой вес был 155 фунтов и рост 6'2. Альфред поддерживал меня, говорил чтобы я был терпелив и показывал мне все.

Поскольку я не мог заплатить за членство в тренажерном зале, каждый вечер я убирал спортзал в обмен на членство. В спортзале было около 200 человек, и все были очень дружелюбны друг к другу. Не было никаких персональных тренеров, но тот, у кого больше опыта, помогал новичкам.

Я первым приходил в спортзал и последним уходил. Иногда мне приходилось приходить ночью, и я получил ключ от спортзала. Я не мог использовать свет ночью из-за стоимости электроэнергии. Поэтому я научился работать в темноте, концентрироваться и работать над каждой мышцей, которую я тренировал. Не было ничего, что б могло отвлечь меня. Я представлял, как я хотел сформировать свое тело. Использование этого принципа дало мне быстрый прогресс, и через 6 месяцев я уже заметил увеличение силы, веса и наращивания мышц. В основном я делал базовые упражнения, используя свободные веса.

Мое план питания характеризовался высоким содержанием белка, высоким содержанием углеводов и высоким содержанием жиров. Я ел много свиных ножек, так как они были дешевы и там много белка. Мои протеиновый шейк я делал сам, так как протеин был вне моего бюджета. Я использовал молоко, яйца, мед, макароны, бананы, изюм, корицу и сырую печень ягненка.

- Молоко, яйца, мед, макароны, бананы, изюм, корица и сырая печень ягненка - это уникальный рецепт! Натуральный и здоровый!

Г-н Роланд, я благодарю вас за эту встречу, за то, что Вы приоткрыли дверь в Ваш мир и прекрасное интервью. Я более чем уверен, что это поможет миллионам во всем мире. Желаю вам только успехов во всех ваших начинаниях, планах и проектах! Надеюсь скоро встретиться с вами для написания другой истории!

- Виктор, благодарю Вас за приглашение. Я с удовольствием поделился своей историей. Конечно, именно настоящие истории поддерживают и мотивируют больше всего. Можно посмотреть тысячи голливудских фильмов, но, по моему опыту, ничто не может мотивировать больше, чем реальная история жизни. Спасибо за Ваши добрые пожелания и надеюсь увидеть вас в ближайшее время.

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 7.44.37 PM.png

Interview with A List Hollywood Actor and Professional Bodybuilder, Mr Roland Kickinger

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 7.44.37 PM.png

Today our guest is World Bodybuilding Champion, Mr Universe, IFBB Pro and Hollywood A List Actor, Mr Roland Kickinger.

- Guten tag, Mister Roland! Thank you for accepting my invitation for an interview.

- Guten tag, thank you for inviting me and I will be more than happy to share my story, experience and help motivate more and more people.

- Thank you, Mr Roland. I read pretty much all articles about you which are available and watched all videos I could find online. First of all I felt so proud, however on the other hand I felt that something is missing! I felt that what we can find online or in media is just a piece of an iceberg, which could be seen above the water. And when I saw your short video, shot at the Grand Canyon I knew I had a correct feeling. Mister Roland, let’s talk today about your early beginnings, I mean your life before coming to the US. Could you please tell us when you became interested in bodybuilding and why exactly in body building? There are so many options in Europe: football(soccer), volleyball, wrestling, other olympic sports, martial arts, etc?

- I became interested in body culture from a very young age of 6. I come from Vienna, Austria. In Vienna we have many Greek statues which I admired obsessively. The work of Michelangelo back in the Renaissance times how carefully he sculpted each muscle and how muscular his sculptures were. I always thought that a man suppose to look muscular and strong. I wanted to sculpture my own body, this was my main focus. In Austria there are many sports to choose from. I was a skier, soccer player and always liked the snow. Strength training was different: instant gratification and ability to not depend on other team members who not always gave 100 % made this my chosen sport.

роланд 22.jpeg

- Thank you Mister Roland. So actually you wanted to become Austrian Apollon, or Hercules, or Zeus, basically "the Greek God from Vienna". It is really inspiring.

I understand your point about not depending on other team members. Recently, I read interviews of Dorian Yates and other world acclaimed athletes. They all mentioned that is important to have a training partner. Did you need a coach or training partner in strength training? If yes does it make you dependent on them?

- Dorian was a great champion who set a new standard in back development. As far as training partners it’s like a relationship. The right one will be beneficial, otherwise its not so good.

- Mr Roland, how did your choice influence your general development as person: personality wise, education, etc

- I believe that bodybuilders are general exceptional people who are quite educated in nutrition and have endless amount of will power and determination. If this willpower is shifted into other areas one can be successful in whatever they might choose.

- Many world acclaimed athletes and champions, like yourself, do "motivational speeches", share stories of success, hence first question would be what is your scheme/rules of success? and most important could you tell us the story behind the scenes, this is what nobody really shares with people: What was challenging for you? What was worrying and bothering you? Did you have this painful feeling which didn't let you sleep and may be sometimes even depress? What was your inner struggle?

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 7.44.50 PM.png

- Excellent question! I always like this saying: You are the average of your best 5 friends! My secret is to come with a one way ticket and use your imagination. It does not matter how long things take as long as you stay on course! In my personal carrier in bodybuilding I was very fortunate to be able to work along Joe Weider, the pioneer of fitness and bodybuilding who would guide me in the proper directions and promoting fitness and the benefits of strength training. My struggle was always as to continue to compete and get better each year as an athlete or to get into the Hollywood film Business. I have chosen the film and tv business because I could reach a much larger audience and Joe would happily agree.

- Thank you for sharing your story, Mister Roland. It sounds challenging but so romantic. However lets talk about the dark side of the Moon: What was the fear, worries before you came to the States? Was there something that bothered you inside of you while you were still in Austria, training and getting ready to buy the one way ticket?

- Its always my pleasure, Victor! Regarding fears, yes of course there is always a certain amount of fear for the unknown. At the same time there are waves of excitement. Not knowing the language, not having proper papers to work, not knowing anyone, how can I survive? Where can I use a kitchen to prepare my meals? Everyone in Austria would say that I would come back within 3 months. Will they be right once I use up my savings? And I am sure your situation and beginnings were similar, wasn't it?

- Yes Mr Roland, you are absolutely correct, My beginnings are very much similar. I believe we, people with the “American Dream” in our hearts, have many things in common.

And, with a kitchen or no, you not just made it, you made it big and great!

Mr Roland , what was the moment, the peak that made you decide to move to US? What did you feel? How was it to feel and what was the reaction of your entourage ?

- I remember when I bought my one way ticket it was like I gave life to my dream. It was January 1st when I took the flight and the feeling of total freedom came over me. It was hard for my family and friends at first but i lived what they always wanted to do. I knew that great things will happen. $500 and 2 suitcases full of dreams in a new place called Santa Monica...

- Oh yes! What a wonderful feeling! Mr Roland, what was your vision when you started your path and up till you came to the US: please try to remember your ideas, thoughts, fears, how did you feel when you stepped on the plane. How did you feel when you landed in the US?

- My Vision for the future in America before I left Austria was that I wanted to be as far as I could in bodybuilding and then eventually do films and tv and commercials. This vision became stronger and stronger as closer I would get to Los Angeles. Leaving everything behind family, friends, work, savings, possessions was a challenge because human nature is to hang on onto things. Once I knew there was no return home I was 100% responsible for my actions and I could not expect anyone to save me. That was extremely exiting and challenging at the same time. When I first saw venice Beach I was overwhelmed with joy. The first big step was taken. There was Joe Gold a former bodybuilder himself and gym owner of Worlds Gym which was just a Block away from Golds gym. Joe opened his doors and was extremely supportive letting me train and stay at the gym for some time. I saw most of the athletes who where publushed in Muscle and Fitness. I remember how everyone was so supportive. It seemed that everyone came from different places.

- Thank you Mister Roland and the last question :

And tell us please the story how you started trainings? What did you start with? How did you Learn and from who in order to progress? What is your story of trainings before coming to the USA ?

Could you please elaborate on your nutrition , training, lifestyle regime and its changes during years while still in Austria.

ролант 13-16.jpeg

- There was a small place called Alfi’s Gym, were I started my journey. Since the gym was on the way home I passed by quite often. Right across from Alfi’s gym there was a very popular bar were guys would get drunk after work. Ironically I choose to visit the gym one day and Alfred the owner welcomed me. He asked me if I wanted to end up like the drunks across the street or be fit, Strong and healthy. When I was 15 years old I Weight 155lb being 6’2” tall. Alfred kept encouraging me to be patient and showed me around.

Since I was unable to pay for the membership I would clean up the gym every night in exchange for a membership. The gym had around 200 members and everyone was extremely supportive of one another. There weren’t any personal trainers but the one with more experience would help the newbies.

роланд 20.jpg

I was the first one at the gym and the last one leaving. Sometimes I had to come in at night and I got a key for the gym. I was not be able to use lights at night due to electricity costs. So I learned to really connect with each muscle I would train. No distraction whatsoever. I would visualize how I wanted to shape and mold my physique. Using this principle gave me quick progress results and after 6 month I was already noticing more strength, weight gain and muscle building. I stuck to basic exercises using mainly free weights.

My nutrition was high protein high carb and high fat. I ate plenty of pig legs since they were cheap and lots of protein. My shakes I made myself since protein powder was out of my budget. I used milk, eggs, honey, pasta, bananas, raisins, cinnamon and raw lamb liver.

- Milk, eggs, honey, pasta, bananas, raisins, cinnamon and raw lamb liver, sounds like a great, unique plan to do! Natural and healthy!

Mr Roland, I thank you for this meeting, opening the door of your world and wonderful interview. I am more than sure that it will help millions in the whole world. Wish you only successes in all your beginnings, plans and projects! Hope to meet you soon for another story!

- Thank you Victor for invitation, it was my pleasure to share my story. Of course real stories are those which support and motivate the most. You can watch thousands of Hollywood films, but, from my experience, nothing can motivate more than a real life story. Thank you for your kind wishes and hope to see you soon. 

роланд монстр.jpg